How to remain productive during the holiday period? Three essential pillars to build in your organization

End of August. People are coming back from their holidays. Sharing stories and pictures of their adventures. Back to business.
What did happen with business in the meantime? Maybe you had a total shutdown. Very cost efficient, but is this acceptable for your customers? Therefore most businesses decide to continue working, while management is struggling how to remain productive during this holiday period.
But why are you struggling? You made yourself dependent on specific people and maybe even made the organisation depending on you!
A phenomenon which is part of being human. If you make others depend on you, your place in the group is secured. And you do not trust others to do the job as good as you would do it.
However for the team to be most effective, you don’t want this. It’s like a soccer team where you need all players, including substitutes, to become champion. No matter who’s fit and ready to play, the basic plan should always be the same!
Same for business. To be productive and effective, there are 3 pillars required within your organization, all equally important:

1. Teams
- Create a safe working environment where people can be themselves and feel free to share the mistakes they will inevitably make.
- Create balanced teams in both skills and personalities so your people will reinforce each other and start learning, together.
- Make your teams flexible, depending on the subject or stage of the project. Make the human interactions fact-based, measurable and transparent and use it to continuously improve effectiveness.

2. Structure
- Start with having aligned goals & priorities and clearly defined roles & responsibilities.
- Build the performance review structure to connect your teams, processes and the organizational goals. It sounds easy, but it’s not. Are you really acting proactively?
- If you have the right structure, you know what to improve. The trick is to let it stick!

3. Processes 
- Agree on basic rules about process execution and remove all non-value-adding activities from your processes.
- Do not (only) measure KPI’s. Only management cares about those. But measure to what extent your rules can be followed. Proactively, so you can manage your outcome, instead of explaining the realized outcome.
- In control of your outcome? Digitize repetitive work. Use human brain power to make the next step in continuous improvement.

Does it all make sense? Great, that's exactly our intention. Do you want to know your current maturity level on these pillars? Do our test!

Or contact us directly, so you do not have to worry about unproductive holiday seasons anymore and you can enjoy your holiday yourself!

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