Stop searching for people with complex problem-solving skills!

Looking for people with excellent skills to solve complex business problems? You are not the only one. A report from the World Economic Forum predicts that more than one-third of all jobs across all industries will require complex problem-solving as one of their core skills by 2020. So good luck with finding those excellent problem solvers..

There is a different approach you can use to improve your business: make it simple again! Because business is not complex. With all good intentions, we made it complex. 

By making your business simple again, you will experience the following benefits: 

1. Accelerated execution of your business strategy
Your organisation will have a clear identity: everybody inside your company knows where to go and what the priorities are. All work your people do will be in line with your business strategy.

2. No hidden costs 
Your people won't spent time and money on tasks that are not in line with your business strategy. 

3. Excellent customer experience
Focus will be on your value-adding activities. By having the same language and the right learning environment, you will continuously improve your processes to create an excellent customer experience (and improved financial results). 

4. Increased employee happiness and engagement
Your people will feel that they contribute to your organisation. It is proven that this is the most important factor for employee happiness. And if your people feel happy working for your organisation, they are likely to stay longer.

And the good thing: you can achieve this without hiring complex problem-solvers. You already have your problem-solvers in your organisation, you only need to make business simple again!

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