Do you want to save our planet? How your business can contribute and save money at the same time!

Climate change, C02 reduction measures and all kind of climate protests. Every day there’s something in the news headlines. And honestly, it annoys me! Why? Because we are masters in pointing out why we should not do something. At least in the Netherlands..

- Reducing speed limits? It only helps a fraction, so why do so?
- Lowering CO2 emissions? Other industries have a bigger impact, so why us?

It might all be true, but still I prefer a different approach. Start doing something to save our planet. Learn from it. And do even better things afterwards. And the good news: besides saving our planet, you will also save money!

According to research all companies are able to cut down emissions by 25%. Without fundamentally changing how they operate. Just by optimizing their processes.
In other words: minimizing energy consumption, minimizing waste and recycling as much as possible, while simultaneously improving your financial numbers and service to your customers.

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. However accomplishing this is easier said than done. And we know it. We’ve seen many companies fail in optimizing their processes.
Why? Because they only focus on optimizing their processes. If you really want to harvest the full potential, you have to make it part of your organizational DNA.

1. Define your business goals on the 3P’s: people, planet and profit
In defining your business goals, ask yourself what your organization should contribute to the society, it’s people and the planet. And don’t forget to define what is needed to remain profitable, so you can keep doing the good work!

2. Build a structure to guide, control and execute
By translating your business goals into actionable plans, you will create guidance. Make sure you build the right controls to see whether you are on track or action is required and develop an “execution wheel” to define and prioritize the right actions to ensure progress.

3. Create engaged and high-performing teams
Make roles & responsibilities of every individual transparent. Create a culture in which you fail and learn as a team. Benefit from the diversity in skills, capabilities and personalities. Improve communication and collaboration by objectively measuring your team dynamics. Maximize engagement and results.

4. Optimize your processes
Standardize the way you execute your daily activities. Link your process targets to your business goals and measure. Build a data-driven operating system to learn on a daily basis how to improve your processes. Keep on improving and stretch yourself.

Do you stop finger-pointing at others? Do you take responsibility in saving our planet?
Make it part of your organizational DNA and you will be surprised what you can do! And by the way, the effects of improved financial results and increased customer satisfaction are for free ;)

Interested? Contact us to discuss the best approach for your organization.