About us

You could say we are the perfect combination. Similar but different in just the right places. Our starting point when founding Bricklayers were those similarities:

  • A strong shared belief that if we can achieve to increase the overall happiness a fraction of what it is today, we have steered our energy towards something good
  • Builders, connectors, doers, with a strong focus on putting people first in whatever we do
  • Both problem solvers by nature, trained in thinking logically and the ability to break down complex problems to their essence
  • We don't care much for fancy words and flashy presentations. We don't call ourselves 'consultants'. We just want to use our experience and qualities to increase your impact on planet and society

But you also need friction to create fire, and a complementary set of skills to be able to tackle problems from every angle necessary. So where Stijn excels in being practical, concrete and getting down to business, Philia has a never ending mind bursting with new and creative ideas, connecting abstract concepts to tangible experiences.

As we said, the perfect combination!

Our Team