What we can do for you

We understand that every company has a different challenge, available resources and wishes, and therefore have a variety of building blocks to choose from. Maybe you just want help getting new insights for you and your team on which areas to work on, or have a report where in your production process you’re losing most of your time. We can provide you with these quick scans, or can also help you in the next steps – the generation of new and practical solutions and the actual realisation of those solutions. You can make it as big or small as you’d like.

Team Excellence

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Deep dive into the 8 most important factors that help your team in optimising their output and maximising their well-being

Through our inhouse developed team scan backed up by research and science we uncover the areas of attention for your team to focus on to improve performance and overall well-being and engagement. Dependent on your challenge, available resources and wishes, we can offer you several options: 

1. Team scan

2. Improvement workshops

3. Change realisation

Click the button below for our free quick team scan and we will contact you for the next steps.

Team composition


Optimal collaboration by creating an understanding and respect of each others and the team’s strengths and development areas

Identify and understand the natural role, working and thinking style of each individual to create respect and appreciation. Find out what the combination of all those styles actually mean for the strengths and development areas of your team as a whole, and discover and implement ways to strengthen or mitigate those. Invaluable for any team that wants to create an environment and culture where people feel valued, safe to take a risk, take ownership and actually reach the results they have set out to achieve.

We are both Breinstijl and Insights certified to help you reach your full team potential. We have several options depending on your desired outcome. Click the button below for more information about Breinstijl, Insights and our team programs.


It has been found that patterns of communication are the most important predictor of a team’s success and happiness

You might have known that instinctively, but now we have the data to back it up. Using sensor-based analytics initially developed by MIT and refined by us together with the University of Tilburg and Leeuwarden, we are in the midst of finding a way to make the elusive group dynamics that characterise high-performing teams observable, quantifiable, measurable and link the presence of certain patterns to improved performances and increased happiness.
Just think of the implications that how we communicate is so much more important to success than what we communicate. Any company, no matter how small or large, can obtain the tools and data they need to accurately dissect and engineer high performance. Building great teams has become a science.
And, perhaps most important, we can show and help you to find out what it is you and your team can start doing differently tomorrow to increase output and overall team happiness. 

We have a wide range of products, from 1-day serious gaming sessions to full change programs. Check them out by clicking the button below. 

Process Excellence


Plans to open a new factory, warehouse or logistic center? Ideas to introduce new products or services to the market? Or in a transition from start-up to professional scale-up and feeling the urgency for structure & processes? Better do it first time right and minimise the risk of unsatisfied customers, excessive costs and burnt-out employees

Well-designed processes are aligned with customer demand, robust, easy to execute and adaptable to new circumstances. They have a stable predictable outcome which is essential for continuous improvement of your business. Prevent yourself from fire-fighting. Design your processes in advance to grow smoothly or have a smooth take-off of your new factory, product or service.

We can train your people in process designing, coach them in developing and implementing the right deliverables or do this ourselves. Check our standard process packages: “Scalable Scale-up”, “Flawless Factory” and “Smooth Service”or contact us directly to discuss the most suitable approach for your situation.


Process Improvement - square


Already having processes in place, but there is a need to improve your service, cash position or cost productivity? Use our standardised data-driven approach to reveal and harvest the full potential

Your challenges on process optimisation can be diverse:


– Lead Time reduction

– On Time Delivery improvement

– Output / Capacity increase

– Product Quality improvement

– Labour Productivity increase

– Yield / FTR improvement

– Working capital reduction

– Waste / Emission reduction

– Customer Satisfaction increase

Our approach is standardised. Combining all the good elements of Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and Design Thinking. We are structured and data-driven, with a big focus on the human aspect.

We offer several packages. From DIY materials to full change realisation programs.

Do the free process quick scan for factory or service processes and we will contact you for the next steps.