WHat we can do for you

We understand that every company has a different challenge, available resources and wishes, and therefore have a variety of building blocks to choose from.

Team effectiveNESS

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  • Evidence-based survey on the 8 critical team effectiveness factors
  • Various workshops to create an effective team culture
  • On-the-job coaching of teams and individuals to maximise effectivity

Team DEVELOPment

Team composition
  • Breinstijl team assessment to define your strengths and pitfalls
  • Various workshops to further develop team effectiveness
  • Use of serious gaming and nudging techniques

Team Optimisation

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  • Real-time team collaboration insights with wearable sensors
  • Various workshops to optimise team collaboration
  • Online team platform to optimise collaboration continuously


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  • Various in-house trainings on how to design data-driven processes
  • Coaching teams in designing and implementing excellent processes
  • Development and implementation of data-driven processes


  • Proven process scan on essential factors for excellent processes
  • Do-It-Yourself roadmap to optimise your processes based on data
  • Trainings and support to guide you in optimising your processes


  • Quick data analysis providing new insights on business potential
  • Advanced dashboarding to support process improvements
  • Full change program to create a data-driven improvement culture