Our Team

Philia Lijdsman<br><em>Chief Solutions Specialist</em>

Philia Lijdsman
Chief Solutions Specialist

All around me people have been saying that to truly feel happy and a sense of fulfillment you need to find your one true passion and purpose in life and do everything in your power to follow it. I always ended up feeling miserable after those well intended ‘motivational’ talks and discussions, since I just couldn’t find that apparently pretty obvious and not-to-miss northern star. Took me long enough but I finally figured out why. I simply don’t have only one northern star. I have an entire galaxy. I just love and happen to be good at a lot of different and seemingly contradicting things.
I believe that everything is possible, as long as you connect the right dots. And having that galaxy – both an analytical and creative mind as well as experience in all layers of an organisation – I can help you and your company connect those dots.

Philia has a BSC and MSc in Applied Physics and started her career at the Margarine and Calve factory in Unilever, first in process optimisation and later as a production manager. She then went to SHV where she held several commercial and general management roles for Mammoet and ERIKS in Singapore, Houston and the Netherlands.

Stijn Wever<br><em>Chief Improvement Specialist</em>

Stijn Wever
Chief Improvement Specialist

The world is not complex, we made it complex. Some might say I have a simple mind, I prefer to say I am able to translate complex issues into simple straightforward executable processes, understandable for everyone

“Stijn only stops when he gets the desired result” might be the best way to describe myself. Furthermore I am structured, analytical and data driven, but above all a practical doer with a strong focus on people. Because I believe that you only get results by doing. And people are the ones that can do!

After graduating in Aerospace Engineering Stijn worked for 7 years at TNT/PostNL. He held several operational roles: Process Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Operations Manager. After a sabbatical of a year he decided to jump into the world of consultancy at R&G Global Consultants. For 3 years he worked in diverse industries like food, production, logistics, sales and finance. Now he is ready to share his experience with all organisations that have the same belief as he has. Making people happier. Creating a better world.