team development

Improve collaboration by understanding and respecting each others strengths and development areas.

Identify and understand the natural role, working and thinking style of each individual.
Find out what the combination of those styles mean for the strengths and development areas of your team.
Discover and implement ways to strengthen or mitigate those.

Invaluable for any team that wants to create an environment and culture where people feel valued, safe to take a risk, take ownership and actually reach the results they have set out to achieve.

breinstijl assessment

  • On-line questionnaire
  • Validated by science
  • Input for individual coaching or team workshops
  • Including individual license for online Breinstijl platform
  • Optional team license for online Breinstijl platform

On Request

Best-in-class assessment to get insights in the thinking preferences of you and your team. The individual results can be grouped on team level as input for the team composition workshop.
You have standard access to the individual Breinstijl platform, but for an additional fee per person you have access to the interactive team platform to have continuous insights on team profiles and tips & tricks to develop your team effectiveness. Handy if you work in an environment with changing teams!

team composition basic

  • Half-day on-site workshop
  • Breinstijl based
  • Transparency on team composition
  • Small actions to amplify strengths and overcome pitfalls of the team
  • Excluding assessment and license


per session

Every person values the outcome of the personal assessment, but the new insights on the strengths and pitfalls of your team are really revealing. It brings a lot of understanding, respect and new energy in the team.
However, be aware! In the end it is all about changing your way of working together in order to amplify your strengths and overcome your pitfalls. This workshop is just the starting point for that!

team composition advanced

  • Full-day on-site workshop
  • Breinstijl based
  • Transparency on team composition
  • Serious gaming to understand the effects of your team composition
  • Action plan to amplify strengths and overcome pitfalls of the team
  • Excluding assessment and license


per session

The morning program is equal to the team composition basics workshop. However in this session we bring it to the next level! In a serious game setting you will experience the effects of your team composition. How is it helping you? And how does it hurts?
Based on the game experience we create an action plan to amplify your strengths and overcome your pitfalls in real-life work situations. Making it tangible, so it’s not just a single fun team session.

team development workshops

  • Half-day on-site workshops
  • Follow-up on team composition basic/advanced workshop
  • Use of serious gaming techniques
  • Use of nudging techniques


per session

We have several workshops to further develop your team. We use serious gaming techniques to create insights in a safe environment. And we use nudging techniques to make changes in the “real” world. Making your team more effective in, for example:

– Decision making
– Problem solving
– Customer contact

If you have other problems you would like to work on, please contact us for the options. We have a wide portfolio of games that fulfill your needs.

DIY team development packages

  • Do-It-Yourself handbook for team development
  • 5 fun learning games with handout to host the workshop session
  • 1 month free online support


per package

Do you prefer to continue developing your team without external support? We developed some fun and useful games to do with your team. And for your convenience we added a handout to get the desired results out of the sessions!
We know that a bit of guidance can still be useful at the start. Therefore you get a dedicataed contact person at Bricklayers. You can contact this team development specialist for free during the first month. Contact will be via e-mail and we generally answer within 2 working days.

individual coaching

  • Free intake
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Follow-up on individual Breinstijl assessment results
  • Both number of sessions and location are flexible


per hour

Besides team development we can also offer you personal development sessions based on the Breinstijl assessment.If you are interested, contact us for a free intake to feel if there’s a match between you and the coach and to discuss which support you need.
Coaching programs are always different, therefore the length and number of sessions are flexible. And you can choose an appropriate location in consultation with your coach.
All prices are subject to change, excluding VAT and, if applicable, excluding travel costs.


No. This is only an overview of our standard packages. If you have a different request, we will build a tailor-made solution for you. Just contact us to see what we can do for you.
We always want to give high-quality workshops. Therefore we limit the group size to 10 people. If the group is larger than 10 people, we can do a 2- trainer set-up for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.
Online support means that the contact person of your organisation has a dedicated experienced team development specialist of Bricklayers, who is available by e-mail for all content related questions.
Contact is only by e-mail and we generally answer within 2 working days.
By having the workshops sessions “on-site” we can offer them for a low base price. Therefore we ask you to arrange a room with beamer/screen, markers and flipovers and the lunch will be at own expense.
We will only add the travel costs to the invoice. For the rest you don’t need to worry about hidden costs.

Our clients say

"We had some great workshops with Bricklayers. New insights on our team and some practical tools that improved our effectiveness immediately. And we are still using these. It was the perfect combination of fun & learn!"
Director Operations