team effectiveness

Deep-dive into the 8 most important factors that determine the effectiveness and well-being of your team.
You can do a first individual assessment on-line for free.

Interested? We recommend to do a first team-session.
Based on the outcomes we together can define helpful workshops to improve the team effectiveness.

team scan

  • On-line
  • Evidence-based
  • Quick insights on the 8 critical team effectiveness factors


Through our inhouse developed team scan backed up by research and science we uncover the areas of attention for your team to focus on to improve effectiveness and overall well-being.

effectiveness insights

  • On-line team scan
  • Half-day on-site workshop
  • Advanced insights on the 8 critical team effectiveness factors
  • Basic insights in team composition


per session

The whole team will do the team scan as a preparation for the workshop. During the half-day team session you will gain first insights on the 8 critical factors of team effectiveness and the areas of attention for your team.
We will also discuss the composition of your team based on skills and thinking preferences.
At the end of the session we determine a small change for the team to become more effective.

effectiveness workhops

  • Half-day on-site workshops
  • Follow-up on team insights basic
  • For every team effectiveness factor a specified interactive workshop
  • Developing way of working for improved team effectiveness


per session

Depending on your needs we have several interactive workshops to follow-up on the basic team insights session.
For every of the 8 critical factors we developed a unique session, guiding you to make small changes in your way of working and become more effective as a team.
Modules range from feedback, psychological safety and getting things done to physical and mental well-being and happiness.
All prices are subject to change, excluding VAT and, if applicable, excluding travel costs.


No. This is only an overview of our standard packages. If you have a different request, we will build a tailor-made solution for you. Just contact us to see what we can do for you.
We always want to give high-quality workshops. Therefore we limit the group size to 10 people. If the group is larger than 10 people, we can do a 2- trainer set-up for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.
By having the workshops sessions “on-site” we can offer them for a low base price. Therefore we ask you to arrange a room with beamer/screen, markers and flipovers and the lunch will be at own expense.
We will only add the travel costs to the invoice. For the rest you don’t need to worry about hidden costs.

Our clients say

"We had some great workshops with Bricklayers. New insights on our team and some practical tools that improved our effectiveness immediately. And we are still using these. It was the perfect combination of fun & learn!"
Director Operations