team optimisation

Patterns of communication are the most important predictor of a team’s success and happiness.
You might have known that instinctively, but now we have the data to back it up.

Using sensor-based analytics, we are in the midst of finding a way to make the elusive group dynamics that characterise high-performing teams observable, quantifiable and measurable.

Just think of the implications that how we communicate is so much more important to success than what we communicate. Any company, no matter how small or large, can obtain the tools and data they need to accurately dissect and engineer high performance.

Building great teams has become a science. And, perhaps most important, we can show and help you to find out what it is you and your team can start doing differently tomorrow to increase effectiveness and well-being. 


  • Half-day on-site workshop
  • Real-life-like game setting
  • Instant insights in face-to-face team communication patterns
  • Discount prices during the test phase without instant insights

Discount €500

per session

Measuring communication patterns can be scary. Therefore we developed some real-life-like games to measure how your team communicates in a safe environment. Games are related to decision making and problem solving. Instant insights are not available yet, but that doesn’t make the workshop less interesting! Still we feel we need to offer you this for a discount price, so we both share the benefits!

team dynamics workshop

  • Half-day on-site workshop
  • Real-life team session
  • Instant insights in face-to-face team communication patterns
  • Exercises to improve face-to-face team communication

Not yet available

per session

If our wearable sensors are fully developed we can also apply them in real-life work situations. We only do this after a workshop in the “safe” gaming environment.
However we know that games and real-life are not the same, therefore it is interesting to see how your team communicates in team sessions and how this can be improved to create the optimal pattern to become a high-performing team.

team dynamics full insights

  • Multiple-day on-site measurement of real-life collaboration
  • Last day team workshop with insights in face-to-face team communication patterns
  • Exercises to improve real-life team collaboration

Not yet available

per session

Next level is to measure the communication patterns of your team during the week. We could even add online communication like phone, email and chat.
At the end of the week we do a report out session with the whole team. Discussing the insights on team communication patterns and defining actions to improve collaboration with fun exercises!

We are working hard to offer you this product mid 2020, so stay tuned.
All prices are subject to change, excluding VAT and, if applicable, excluding travel costs.


At this moment we are still testing the outcomes of the wearable sensors. Therefore our portfolio is still limited and packages are offered at a discount rate. We expect to have more options available by mid 2020 so stay tuned!
We always want to give high-quality workshops. Therefore we limit the group size to 10 people. If the group is larger than 10 people, we can do a 2- trainer set-up for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.
By having the workshops sessions “on-site” we can offer them for a low base price. Therefore we ask you to arrange a room with beamer/screen, markers and flipovers and the lunch will be at own expense.
We will only add the travel costs to the invoice. For the rest you don’t need to worry about hidden costs.

Our clients say

"We had an interesting session wearing the futuristic communication badges. Curious what the results will look like. We as a team are already looking forward to the moment we can apply the sensors in real-life"
Director Operations