The statistics on team and process excellence speak for themselves.
Imagine what you get if you combine these two in the right way!
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Having the skills to combinbe both is exactly what separates us from the rest. We have:
  • Management skills to understand what you need
  • Process skills to understand what you do
  • Data skills to generate the right insights
  • Human skills to embed it and create great teamwork
Enabling you to excel and win championships, even after we are gone.

WHY combining both?

Team and process excellence are the foundation to become an excellent organisation. Still there are only a few making brave attempts. And often these efforts only have limited short-term results, because focus is either on team or on processes. You might recognise the frustration of spending time, money and energy on something potentially transformative, but going about your day as usual the next morning:
Your entire team goes on a three day retreat where you play team bonding games, you share your innermost desires and fears and at the end of those days you are a deeply motivated and connected team, ready to face any challenge thrown at you. We’ve been there, we know the feeling, it’s great. But what really happens one or two weeks later? Business as usual. Because you haven’t discussed and changed your way of working needed to support this new mindset.
You hire an expensive consultant to uncover the flaws in your processes – to boost up your on time delivery, speed up the onboarding process or decrease the amount of customer complaints. You now have a great powerpoint or a fancy dashboard. Work done. But what happens? Business as usual combined with a lot of frustration. Because you only focus on the what, and not the who. You have to understand what it is the team is capable of. What it wants. And what it needs.