Why you need us

The statistics speak for themselves. Focus on your biggest assets – your people – results in increased productivity and well-being, while employee turnover rates decrease. Aligned optimised processes lead to a higher customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and an improved cash position. Imagine what you get if you combine these two in the right way! And that’s exactly our area of expertise.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Team and process excellence are the basis for any organisation. Still there are only a few making brave attempts. And often these efforts only have limited short-term results. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time, money and energy on something potentially transformative, but going about your day as usual the next morning. Do you recognise the following examples?

Your entire team goes on a three day retreat where you play team bonding games, you share your innermost desires and fears and at the end of those days you are a deeply motivated and connected team, ready to face any challenge thrown at you. We’ve been there, we know the feeling, it’s great. But what really happens one or two weeks later? Business as usual. Because you haven’t discussed and started to actually implement what else needs to change in your company to actually support this new mindset.

You hire a Lean or Agile consultant to uncover the flaws in your processes – to boost up your on time delivery, speed up the onboarding process or decrease the amount of customer complaints. You come up with this great new solution and corresponding process using all kinds of tools like kanban, kaizen and poke yoke. But what happens when the day comes that you actually want to start using it? Business as usual combined with a lot of frustration. Because you only focus on the what, and not the who. You have to understand what it is the team executing this new process needs, wants and is capable of, and let them understand articulate this themselves as well.

If you want to change you actually need to start doing something differently, not only talk about it. Team excellence needs new or different supporting processes to make it practical, and process excellence needs supporting behaviour to actually make it work.

Unfortunately typical team or process excellence projects see it as a one-dimensional problem. At Bricklayers we do it differently, and grab the problem by the entire root, making sure your improvements last. And this really is what, besides our experience, awesome problem solving and social skills, sets us apart from the rest.